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Slide Dental clinic FOR YEARS! 26 News! Attention!
We are open on Saturdays
for patients who book
appointments in advance!
for your root canal
Carl Zeiss microscope
at our clinic –
A beautiful smile - is a sign of health.
And healthy teeth – part of our happiness.
Every patient is equally important to us!


Do you have a toothache and need fixing it? Is your toothache caused by root canal issue? Do you have a broken or chipped tooth- you’d like to save it and have dental prosthetics? We will diagnose all the causes of pain and discomfort and treat it as well. Or are you just dreaming of white pearly smile? Would aesthetic dentistry save your smile and oral health? Visit our clinic and we will find the best solution for you personally. We love being dentists and helping you through the journey of becoming your best self!


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8 678 17700
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Working hours: I-V from 8:00 – 18:00 VI from 8:00-14:00

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