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Aušra Rudžianskienė

Oral hygienist

License Number BPL-05431


2011 Klaipėda Community College, qualification of dental / oral hygiene

2008 Klaipėda University, educology masters degree

2004 Klaipėda University, educology bachelor degree

1985 Klaipėda J. Kupčinskas Medical School, nurse qualification

Professional competence conferences and seminars

2020.11.07 Annual conference ‘Oral hygiene without drama’

2020.01.25 Theoretical and practical training ‘Dental hand tool application for oral hygiene: theory and practice’

2019.07.8-18 ‘Disabled and special needs people oral hygiene’

2019.05.10-11 International LBHD conference ‘Lifestyle and oral health’

2019.04.26 ‘Holistic medicine for life and health’

2019.03.02 ‘News in periodontology’

2018.11.10 ‘News in professional oral hygiene 2018’

2018.05.25-26 International conference ‘Science progress in contemporary dentistry’