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Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry is the type of modern dentistry doesn't only beautify teeth but also your gums and/or bite. It's specifically used to improve your mouth shape and smile quality that can even extend all the way towards improvement of the function of the teeth in terms of its bite form and force. If the dental damage is minimal- this type of procedure helps restore the most natural state of the tooth.

We recommend to our patients this procedure if:

  • Have cavity-damaged dental tissue.
  • Need to restore natural tooth colour or transparency.
  • Need restoration of worn or broken tissue.
  • Wish to fill the gap or space between two teeth ( diastema ).
  • Need to restore position, shape or structure of your teeth after a trauma.

Why is it important to restore damaged teeth ( by having aesthetic dentistry procedure ) ?

  • Damaged and untreated teeth start to wear out.
  • Due to untreated impaired enamel- nerve canals are stimulated and the tooth becomes sensitive and painful.
  • Tooth sensitivity does not allow us to eat or drink hot, cold, sweet or sour.
  • Damaged and untreated teeth are frail, it is easily affected by bacteria which causes various disease.
  • Unrestored dental tissue causes cavity formation which causes pain and eventually disease.