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Laura Stankė


License number OPL-03886

The dentist specializes in aesthetic dentistry, endodontic therapy ( root canal treatments ) and re-treatment with microscope, dental prosthetics and micro prostheses.


2011 graduated from Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Faculty of Odontology ( LSMU )

General dentistry practice residency completed at Dainava Clinic, Kaunas, Lithuania.

Professional competence conferences and seminars

2020.07.10 Edentulous patients effective treatment protocol. P. Petravičius. MED GRUPE. Vilnius

2019.11-21-23 Tooth and implant prosthetics in visible area. Theory and practice. E.Vindašiūtė-Narbutė. Vilnius

2019.05.24-25 Odontology compass 2019. Lithuanian Dental Chamber. Druskininkai

2019.03.1-2 Secrets of correct dental anatomy reconstruction. Dr. G. KOBS. Vilnius

2019.01.12 Occlusion raising with composite ( with wax rims or without ). Sensum LT. Kaunas

2018.04.25-26 Scientific progress in modern dentistry. Druskininkai

2018.01.27 Odontology news 2018, Klaipeda

2017.09.22-23 Baltic region dentistry meeting. Vilnius

2016.11.26 LROR Seminar of Šiauliai area. Šiauliai

2016.10.05 Specifics of endodontic retreatment. Association of the Baltic microscopic odontology. Vilnius

2016.10.30 Occlusion raising and stabilization ABC: dental prosthetics. Sensum LT. Kaunas

2016.05.05 Complicated endodontic treatment cases and types of treatment. BMOD. Vilnius

2016.05.04 Microscope in odontology: ergonomics and specifics of working in a team. BMOD. Vilnius

2016.02.05-06 Dental biomechanics and creation of aesthetics. Fiberglass and zirconium oxide ceramics. Micro prosthetics: veneers, crowns. Černikis Dental. Kaunas

2015.12.14-17 Prosthetics on implants. LSMU. Kaunas

2015.07.27-29 Direct dental aesthetic restoration in visual area in practice. Viva Dens. Vilnius

2015.05.29-30 Prevention of oral disease and rehabilitation. Druskininkai

2015.01.24 LROR Seminar of Šiauliai area. Šiauliai

2014.05.30-31 From having an idea to results. Druskininkai

2014.04.26 LROR Seminar of Šiauliai area. Šiauliai

2013.01.23 Aesthetic front teeth restauration with fiberglass pin and composite. Direct tooth arch one tooth’s defect restoration with fiberglass- composite bridge prosthetics. Dr. V.Vilkinis. Šiauliai

2013.11.23 LROR Seminar of Šiauliai area. Šiauliai

2013.03.23 LROR Seminar of Šiauliai area. Šiauliai

2013.02.23 Odontology news 2013. LSMU. Kaunas

2013.01.26 LROR Seminar of Šiauliai area. Šiauliai

2012.05.11 Aesthetical front and wisdom tooth restoration with composite and fiberglass. Dr. V. Vilkinis. Šiauliai

2012.05.11 Odontology news. LSMU. Kaunas

2012.01.28 Complicated incorrect occlusion treatment. LROR. Šiauliai

2011.11.19 LROR Seminar of Šiauliai area. Šiauliai

2011.05.06-07 News in odontology practice. Practical odontology. Palanga

2010.09.12-13 Quintessence. Challenges and achievements in restoration and in functional odontology. Kaunas