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Tadas Gailius


License Number OPL-05281


2013.09-2018.06 Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Faculty of Odontology ( LSMU )

The dentist specializes in dental retraction, dental fillings / seals, endodontic treatments, dental prosthetics.

Professional competence conferences and seminars

2015 Progress in odontology- going towards perfection

 2017 Progress in odontology- going towards perfection 

2017 News in periodontology 

2018 Dental treatments without drilling. Prof. Camillo D’Arcangelo 

 2018 Academy of contemporary odontology BMOD. J. Maminskas.L. Andriukaitienė. T. Venskutonis 

2018 Direct restoration with composite: easy but effective methods and contemporary appropriately selected filling materials for successful daily practice. Prof. Louis Harden 

2019 Wisdom tooth direct restoration. M. Kudelis 

2019 The basics of prosthetics on implants. Dr. E. Vindašiūtė Narbutė 

2019 Dental biomechanics and creation of aesthetics. Fiberglass and zirconium oxide ceramics. Micro prosthetics: veneers, crowns. Ž. Jonaitis