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Therapeutic dentistry

Not such a fun fact about dentistry - 90% of Lithuanians have cavity. And even Worldwide this is the most common health problem in children and adults. Cavities are permanently damaged areas in the hard surface of your teeth that develop into tiny openings or holes. Cavities, also called tooth decay or caries, are caused by a combination of factors, including bacteria in your mouth, lack of vitamins, too much carbohydrates in your diet- frequent snacking, sipping sugary drinks, and not cleaning your teeth well.

If cavities aren't treated, they get larger and affect deeper layers of your teeth. They can lead to a severe toothache, infection and tooth loss. Regular dental visits and good brushing and flossing habits are your best protection against cavities and tooth decay.

What one might think that cavity is not urgent to treat or sounds innocent, well that is quite the opposite and might cause larger health issues:

- your teeth feel sensitive to cold, warm or sour food or drinks - when one has a toothache- chewing function is impaired which causes disfunction of gastric juices production and which leads to food indigestion, stomach inflammation and gastric ulcer. - untreated cavity can damage the root canals and this might lead to extraction of the tooth itself.

Regular visits to your dentist is great prevention to any of the issues mentioned above , catching cavity early is not only beneficial to your health but as well your finances.

At Preidenta our team of dentists use the most modern and advanced technologies as well as different types of fillings.